Non-Profit Accounting Services

Consultation Services for Non Profits

group_business_meeting_city_2.jpgAs a not-for-profit business you may find you need the advice, support and guidance of a CPA financial professional, but you cannot afford the cost to hire one full-time. JJ Schmelzle & Co. is a Washington, DC accounting firm for non profits offering consultation services to non profit companies that need professional financial advice at a reasonable cost.

Our non profit consulting services are designed to support your organization with accounting oversight to help you better understand the financial side of your company. We evaluate the effectiveness of operations and help you establish internal controls. With our supervision you can reduce costs, manage funding better and plan for the future of your non profit business. With JJ Schmelzle & Co. as your partner, you can rest assured knowing an experienced non profit CPA firm is looking out for your organization’s best interests.

JJ Schmelzle & Co. understands that many non profits are partially funded by government and private sector grants that demand specific reporting requirements. We can help put procedures in place that ensure your books are up-to-date and accurate and that you have recorded all the necessary information to keep your funding. We also keep you informed of any income-generating activities that could incur tax liability so they can be avoided.

When you outsource these financial responsibilities to JJ Schmelzle & Co., you will save money and gain the advantage of having an experienced CPA firm for non profits to manage your most important financial issues. Call us at 202-386-9999 to set up an appointment for a free initial consultation.

Our consulting services for non profits include: